Started idea and design on mobile applications

2018, November

Established 3 waste banks supported by PLN Peduli

2019, February

Company founded; initial team formed

2019, March

Established partnership with ReJuve for Smart Bin project and waste bank support by Pegadaian in Manado

2019, April

Established 5 waste banks with Sampoerna.
Established partnership with Australia consulate in Makassar for waste management project in Likupang.
Hosted a seminar for hospital waste recycling in Banten

Q3-Q4 2019

Established an IT development office in Yogyakarta

2020, January

Started a Black Soldier Fly Farm with ReJuve support

2020, February

Joined RISE Hosted Webinar on recycling medical waste

Q2 2020

Launch of Maggot Products

2020, July

Established Partnership with Klungkung and Karangasem in Bali for Waste Bank

2020, August

Received grant from Ministry of Education & Culture to kick-start the project in village integrated waste management

2020, September