Black Soldier Fly- Maggots That Decompose Organic Waste

Did you know? About 2.5 pounds of maggots can munch through five pounds of organic waste, namely, food waste in about four hours! This particular species is known as the Black Army Fly, or funkily named as the ‘Black Soldier Fly’ (BSF). Setting its difference from just ordinary black flies, these maggots are especially efficient at converting protein into body mass, making them a good choice for processing and decompose organic waste, such as waste food.

Where are Maggot’s Form ?

The black soldier fly (BSF), is a valuable insect species whose larvae have extended enormous potentials for converting organic waste into many benefits. It is also known by its Latin name, Hermetia illucens, the black soldier fly, is a common and widespread fly of the family Stratiomyidae. This species of fly is very fond of light and can mostly be founds in plantation areas, and very rarely found in residential areas. During its adult phase, the BSF feeds on liquid and does not eat. Due to this factor, the BSF is considered a sterile species of insect that does not carry any sources of pathogens and diseases.

Rich of Biomaterials

Lipids Proteins



Cosmetics Amino acids Cosmetics Hormone
Food & Feed Additives Antimicrobial peptides

Wound Healing

Soil Amendment
Biofuels Shrimp feed Medicine Manure

Kompis Farm Technology & Research


At Kompis, we use fresh fruit and vegetables waste as a main food source for our maggots. Reason being, results of the protein content produced by the maggots vary significantly using different organic waste such as palm oil cake and coconut starch versus other organic food waste. Our productions baseline is also categorized into 4 major outputs to penetrate into the commercial market.

Through the decomposing organic waste, byproducts produced at Kompis are Prepupa, Dried Larvae, Fresh Larves, and Compost, which are then sold to poultry farms and aquaculture.




At Kompis, we are growing rapidly from digitalizing waste management process. This helps to enhance the process of decomposition using BSF as well as to able to explore the new benefits that the maggots can produce. In Kompis, we strive to combine, knowledge, technology and the market edge to achieve optimized products.