‘Kompis’, is derived from a Swedish word, means ‘Friend’.

The Waste Bank Technology offers a disruptive user-friendly interface solution to the waste problems in Indonesia.

We are a startup engaged in Technology and offer creative solutions.

  • Turn Trash into Physical Gold
  • Monetizing Trash
  • Transfer of Waste to E-Wallet
  • Reports of Transactions
  • Seamless Financial Solutions
  • Waste Deposit Categories
  • Smart Bin Collaborations
  • Save trash into gold
  • Transfer to E-Wallet
  • Report Transactions
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Purchasing Catalogue
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Optimum Prices lead to Higher Profits
  • Frequent Waste Reporting
  • Waste Stock Availability in Real Time
  • Buyers are Fully Accredited and Validated


Tons per Waste Bank

Recyclable waste managed ethically, efficiently and profitably to society


Tons per Hospital

Medical waste managed from 25 hospitals across Indonesia and growing


Tons per Year

Organic waste fed to BSF produces Maggot, Protein & Fertilizer

Excited to be wearing many hats as a founding member in a fast growing agritech company that will have significant global societal impacts

Emil Kaburuan Phd.

PT. Solusi Kreatif Kompis

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